Ready for Blatant Censorship

Hey you starry-eyed folks with hearts abeating and minds afluttering, you Ready for Hillary™ ® © people. (A phrase totally trademarked, really registered and completely copyrighted so don't you dare even think about imitating it or mocking it. But then again, maybe you should.) If you're Ready for Hillary as the first female president of the United States of America do I have a prediction for what you're really Ready For! Hillary Rodham (who relatively recently tacked on her husband's famous last name of Clinton to hers for some mysterious reason) is a valiant woman who fought her way up from poverty, despite past financial successful ventures in the cattle futures market. According to Hillary, after her husband was forced to retire from his job as President of the United States, the impoverished couple lacked financial resources with no future job prospects or source of income for Bill. Hillary, with a husband and one child...(Read Full Article)