Obama's Bad Trade

There’s an old joke here in Arkansas about President Clinton returning to his home state for a Razorbacks championship football game. While there, he’s given two cute little piglets by a wealthy agribusiness Razorback alumnus. As he later disembarks Marine One on the White House lawn Bill has a cute piglet under each arm. At the foot of the stairway, a sharp young Marine lance corporal snaps a smart salute and barks, “Nice pigs, Sir!” A grinning Clinton hoists them a bit higher and says, “Yeah, they a couple of real Arkansas beauties aren’t they; I got one for Hillary and one for Janet Reno.” The Marine, still holding his salute says, “Smart trade, Sir!” Well, it would appear that America’s second black president isn’t quite as adept at hog-swapping as America’s first black president was. As we have learned over the weekend, our outlaw president has taken it upon himself to ignore the law and oversee a...(Read Full Article)