Obama was Bluffing on Iran

President Obama’s West Point foreign policy speech has given Israel both good and bad news. The good news for Israel is that the president has given up on the idea of achieving a so called “peace” deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians during his presidency, but the bad news is that Obama has no intention of ever attacking the Iranian nuclear program militarily even as a last resort and will never support an Israeli attack. Consequently, ongoing useless and endless negotiations, as well as meaningless diplomatic agreements, will lead to a nuclear Iran unless it is stopped by Israel or the U.S. Congress. Obama’s commencement speech outlining his foreign policy doctrine confirmed at last what Israel and the Gulf States as well as Iran have all suspected, that the president was bluffing when he repeatedly stated that all options are on the table to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, including the military option. He has used the idea of such...(Read Full Article)