My Two Favorite Questions for Global Warmists

So, I find myself sitting around a patio table next Independence Day sipping on the perfect mimosa with some friends and a couple of folks I haven’t met before. One of the new acquaintances brings up the subject of “climate change.”  I know from the term used that this one is probably a sorta believer but not a hard-core, unshakable advocate; were that so, he would have used the latest, hippest, most with-it name-change term “climate disruption.”  Now it’s time for my Favorite Global Warmism Question #1: Did you know that there’s no such thing as a greenhouse gas? The conversation around the table stops dead in its tracks. Everybody’s looking quizzically at each other. No one is looking at me. After a few seconds, a dear friend of many years says, “C’mon, Flyoverpen, you must be kidding.  Everybody knows greenhouse gasses exist.”  I cross my arms, put on a smug pursed-lip smile and...(Read Full Article)