LBJ and Illegal Immigration

As tens of thousands of illegal immigrant juveniles and mothers cross over into Texas and other states on the southern border, American voters are once again being reminded of the softness of the U.S. enforcement of immigration law. What is little understood is that this permissive policy on immigration is not being perpetrated by big business or agricultural interests, but by big cities and the Federal government. The movement of illegal immigrants did not start overnight. While the illegal immigrant population of the U.S. exploded after 1990, there were several governmental actions that were crucial to its early development. These governmental actions were taken in response to the loss of population of the big cities of the Midwest and Northeast, the great majority of which were controlled by Democrats. And they, in turn, originated in actions taken by LBJ through his administrative initiatives of the 1960s. By 1964, the biggest cities of the Midwest and Northeast were...(Read Full Article)