Latvia in Putin's Sights

Trouble is brewing in a former Soviet satellite, and it is not Ukraine.  The “lebensraum” redux employed by the Russian Federation in its current Ukrainian endeavors is being repeated, and this time, the stakes are much higher.  Latvia is now under attack from outside forces connected with the Russian Federation that are allegedly stirring up dissent and separatism in the former Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR.) This report comes from sources inside Latvia.  An American diplomat and peace broker, Stephen Payne, has been coordinating meetings with Latvian heads of state and members of parliament in the last few months to repel what he believes could be the beginnings of actual “hot” war with the Russian Federation if not corrected immediately.  In an exclusive interview with AT, Payne explained the situation: “As to foreign policy, when you look at where this goes in Ukraine:  Is Putin going to send troops into other parts...(Read Full Article)