Gallup Reveals the Obvious: Our Moral Collapse Continues

Gallup is out with its latest “moral acceptability” survey.  On 19 issues, Americans were asked, “In general, do you find the following morally acceptable[?]”  The responses were ranked on a scale from “highly acceptable” to “highly unacceptable.”  There was one issue – birth control, with 90% approval – that rated “highly acceptable” and nine, with approvals from 57% to 69%, that rated “largely acceptable.” Of those 10 issues, the response to seven of them is Exhibit A in the case of the collapse of the family in America.  On two of the other three issues – wearing animal fur and medical testing on animals – Gallup wasted its time.  What another sad indictment on our culture that one of the oldest, most distinguished research companies in the world sees fit to deem issues that result in the clothing of humans and advancements in medicine morally...(Read Full Article)