Enough! They MUST Be Stopped!

It has become a daily frightening occurrence, hearing politicians, commentators, pundits, and stunned Americans say, “That's outrageous!” “He can't do that!” “No way!” “It's against federal law!” “They have no legal authority to force us to do that!”  These comments are in response to the daily unprecedented out-of-control tyranny handed down by Obama and his operatives.  We are talking arrogance with a capital A coming out of the Obama administration. For example: the GOP was moving too slow in caving to Obama's amnesty scheme, so Obama said, Heck with it, I'll bypass everyone and make it happen.  Obama sent a clarion call interpreted around the world to mean that if you can get your kids to the U.S., the kids can stay.  In essence, Obama has made illegal aliens winners of his Open Borders Lottery: free food, health care, legal assistance, and education – winning more...(Read Full Article)