Did Bowe Bergdahl Purposefully Offer Himself as a Bargaining Chip?

According to friends, Bowe Bergdahl enlisted in the Army to provide philanthropic support to the war effort.  I can only presume that means to the people of Afghanistan.  The U.S. Army is not a charity, and while it does remarkable things because it is staffed by brave and selfless Americans, those Americans' first service is to their country, not to provide philanthropy. Let us presume that Bowe Bergdahl already knew what the Army was for, despite his supposed purpose in joining, since none of that is hidden from the public.  No one joins for philanthropy.   Before he disappeared from his base in Afghanistan in 2009, according to Daily Mail quotes from a Rolling Stone magazine article, Bowe Bergdahl is alleged to have written e-mails to his parents that not merely questioned policy, but are said to have included “I am ashamed to be an American.  And the title of U.S. soldier is just the lie of fools.  I am sorry for everything. ...(Read Full Article)