China's Unbelievable Hacking Denials

Jeane Kirkpatrick once said of the Soviet diplomats she dealt with at the United Nations, "They lie. Even when everyone in the room knows they are lying, they lie." The same can be said of those who serve the Communist regime in the People's Republic of China today. Case in point: Beijing's response to the May 19 indictment of five People's Liberation Army officers by the U.S. Justice Department for cyber espionage. The PLA soldiers were not just hacking government or military targets but a wide variety of corporate and commercial sites to steal trade secrets and technology for the benefit of state-owned enterprises (SOE) in China to improve their industrial capabilities and competitiveness. The PRC has used three lines of argument against the charges. First has been outright denial. On the day the indictments were announced, Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang declared, "The Chinese government, the Chinese military and their relevant personnel have...(Read Full Article)