Bergdahl Revisited

Although the Obama Administration would like the American people to think otherwise, this is not a story from the Homeland TV show where a U.S. POW comes home to a hero’s welcome. President Obama took a victory lap with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents at the White House while Susan Rice, the National Security advisor, said he served with “honor and distinction.” American Thinker interviewed three soldiers, an exclusive with the Battalion Commander Sergeant Major Kenneth Wolfe, retired specialist Cody Full, and a soldier currently fighting in Afghanistan. All served with Bergdahl and want to discuss the issues surrounding the returned POW. After the Obama Administration tried to paint Bergdahl as a hero returning home, soldiers who served with him erupted in outrage, accusing him of desertion and suppressing the truth. Then the spin started: a State Department spokesperson suggested that those who came forward were not “credible witnesses;” an...(Read Full Article)