We Americans...Must Be Americans

As Memorial Day passes, pause with me to celebrate what We Americans have in common.  There is a certain hypocrisy, if I may say so, enveloping us.  You can see it in the most recent resuscitation of class warfare, adversarial race relations and visible efforts to turn Americans, one and all, against each other.  I have had my fill of this hypocrisy.  Interestingly, until liberals of all stripes began chastising America for being insufficiently sensitive toward each other, most Americans felt that we were imperfect, but a generally positive, hopeful, historically idealistic and upwardly mobile society, a group of rather unrepentant dreamers who wanted to make good things happen. Oh yes, and we had an improving sense of perspective on each other, one in which differences of race, creed, age and station were secondary to being American, a defining quality.  That is, we were doing a reasonably good job -- imperfect and subject to individual cases of utter...(Read Full Article)