Wannabe Gangsters Just 'Tryin' to Eat' When Killed During Break-In

After breaking into an elderly widow’s house twice in a row, two teenagers were killed by an armed occupant, in self-defense.  Steven Crider, 17, and Michael Sambrano, 14, were shot in the chest numerous times after breaking in to the widow’s home.  Now, the dead thieves’ friends and family are publicly complaining that “it was wrong that they were shot” and that the thieves were just “tryin’ to eat.” Everyone needs to eat, but how many people actually need to steal in order to eat?  The number must be extremely small.  Without knowing all of the circumstances of their lives, it doesn’t seem that the two dead thieves were destitute or starving.  To the contrary, they had money for several urban-themed fashion accessories. Based on the photos they posted on social media, the teens had enough resources for neck tattoos, arm tattoos, jewelry, and fancy baseball caps.  From their style of dress and...(Read Full Article)