Walking the Healthcare Insurance Tightrope

This month’s Harpers Index reports that 2,629 inmates in a Chicago county jail were successfully enrolled in Medicaid because of provisions contained in ObamaCare. Compared to the thousands of Americans who are scrambling to find affordable healthcare coverage for themselves and their families, it appears the inmates got the better deal. ObamaCare has forced many people to make gutwrenching decisions about their healthcare insurance -- for the first time in their lives, some are faced with the possibility of becoming uninsured. Men and women in their late 50s and early 60s are hardest hit -- many can’t afford to retire early, they are too young to enroll in Medicare and under the new law they are paying the highest premium cost because age is a factor that is nowused to set premium rates.  Income is another factor. Under the law, qualified low-income individuals and families receive substantial financial assistance with the cost of their monthly premium, while...(Read Full Article)