Toyota to California: 'Don't Mess with Texas'

Score a rather remarkable win for Texas in the business recruitment game: Toyota has announced that it is moving its California-based national headquarters to Texas. This is a considerable deal.  Toyota has had its U.S. headquarters and marketing operations based in Torrance, California (a suburb of LA) for almost 60 years – time enough to witness California’s descent into a neo-socialist hell of high income taxes, high property taxes, high sales taxes, high regulations, and high home prices, all combined with breathtakingly bad government services.  Toyota will be moving its division to a location in Plano, a northern suburb of Dallas. The company will create a campus there that will have a consolidated workforce of 4,000, with employees from Toyota’s marketing, sales, and manufacturing operations – along with its financial division – now scattered around the country. Texas Gov. Rick Perry gave a Rebel yell at the news, crowing,...(Read Full Article)