The Sin of 'Racism'

I’m perfectly willing to demonize “racists,” provided we give other sinners equal time.  I just want equality. For the record, I don’t believe Cliven Bundy is a “racist.”  For the record, I don’t even care. Such indifference to that damnable failing, that thing we all know is the worst thing one can be, must make me a damnable man. But I am flexible. I just want to hear, for example, “Forget the facts of the matter! The man is lustful!” or “Don’t listen to that miscreant. He’s guilty of sloth!” Or let’s say a fellow posits an opinion on, oh, taxation. Our very intellectual response could be, “Hey, didn’t I hear you talkin’ to your girlfriend about how you scarfed down four cheeseburgers at the barbecue and binged on ice cream in your easy chair? Look, everyone, he’s a glutton!” This isn’t to say that being a bigot -- the word...(Read Full Article)