The Dartmouth Protest -- Another Perspective

On April 1st a small group of minority students at Dartmouth College assembled in the President’s office to present their views on diversity and college policy at this Ivy League college, thus advocating what they call “The Freedom Budget”. Dartmouth College’s President, Phil Hamilton, entertained the students thoughtfully; however, this self-appointed cabal proceeded to “take over” the administration building, effectively holding college administrators captive while leveling attacks and demands on the College. Since I respect truth, I want to speak it. As a Black sophomore at Dartmouth, with a single Mom and on financial aid, I would like to set the record straight and provide an alternative view. Those who took part in the protest are entitled to their opinions, conventional or not. Thanks to the First Amendment and Dartmouth’s strong encouragement of free speech, they feel justified, and rightly so, in raising their views...(Read Full Article)