The Corruption of Science

Eisenhower in his farewell address warned that a “scientific-technological elite” dependent on government money would exert undue influence on government policy. Now, as Eisenhower predicted, scientific advice is contaminated by political considerations aimed at protecting the interests of science and scientists. Scientists will exaggerate the importance of their own work. However, there should be a line that is not crossed -- the line that separates self-promotion from corruption. The corruption of science does not necessarily mean lying or faking data. Mostly it is a matter of exaggerating the danger, or importance, of some theory, or else remaining passive while others exaggerate. A common corrupt path to scientific success is to discover and overpromote a new danger; perhaps something that causes cancer, hurts children, or poisons the environment. The scientists who discover and overpromote the new danger become heroes and get more grants and more...(Read Full Article)