Shock Therapy for a 2014 Naval Academy Graduate

Let’s open our therapy session in response to the mental abuse of Chuck Hagel’s speech at your commencement and for the humiliation that is dumped on you by your so-called leaders with a gut-check question: How do you feel when you look at Chuck Hagel’s face? What do you see in his eyes? Does he inspire you with confidence? Would you want to follow him into battle? Learn to trust your gut about people, it will serve you well. When I first saw Chuck Hagel’s face at his confirmation hearing, I didn’t know who he was, but I got a sick feeling in my stomach just watching his hang-dog shiftiness. He seemed insincere. I thought, “This guy is going to be the Secretary of Defense? OMG, America is in trouble.” There are two basic texts for leftwing commencement speeches. One stirs up hate against men like you, and the other slyly urges you to hate yourself. The former was what the fat-cat feticidal Nancy Pelosi followed when she urged the dupes...(Read Full Article)