Settled and Unsettled Science

President Obama declared “global warming” to be settled science. Or maybe he meant “climate change.” Or is it “climate disruption”? Whatever. It’s settled as fact. No more discussion or disagreement. This is based on the recently released National Climate Assessment. The NY Times calls this report “totally alarming.” The only thing alarming is that an American college professor wants anyone who disagrees with the premise of manmade global warming to be thrown in jail. This report was prepared by the US Global Change Research Program. Funded with a huge annual budget of $2.5 billion, not much less than the budget of the state of Delaware, their vision is, “A Nation, globally engaged and guided by science, meeting the challenges of climate and global change.” Interesting statement. They are guided by science, where very little is actually settled, yet they too assume that climate change is a settled fact. They...(Read Full Article)