Positive Myths about Karl Marx

It may seem like a waste of time to write about Karl Marx considering that some – or even many – people think that Marxism is long dead and gone. Long dead and gone? Sure, revolutionary socialism is not quite as hip and omnipresent as it was in the 1970s/60s and before. However, Marxism itself -- or at least Marxist theories, commitments and causes -- is far from dead. In addition, it is indeed the case that many Leftists no longer believe that a violent revolution (after which literally everything will be transformed for the better) will be forthcoming in the immediate future. But, then again, Marxists have believed that -- at least in the US and UK -- since the 1930s. In other words, many Western Marxists/Leftists gave up on revolution some 60 years before the fall of the Soviet Union and its empire. So although violent revolution was indeed an important -- Trotskyists still say essential -- part of the Marxist project; others argue that there is so much more to...(Read Full Article)