Isn't it Time Republicans Linked the VA Scandal to ObamaCare?

If liberals deserve kudos for anything, it’s for consistently and successfully politicizing crises, perverting truth, and demonizing political opponents. Thanks to Rahm Emanuel, America knows that the liberal mindset is to ‘never let a serious crisis to go to waste.’ Democrats are well-practiced at responding to disasters with political campaigns, because as Rahm attested, every calamity is another “opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” A perfect example of the left’s penchant for exploiting misfortune is their obsession with gun control.  A madman shoots up a movie theatre, school, or supermarket parking lot, and instantly the liberals attempt to influence public opinion by redefining a mentally ill person with evil intent as a need for the Second Amendment to be dismantled.  And it works! Democrats have done the same thing with immigration reform. In order to ‘do things they didn’t think they could do before,’ which is to...(Read Full Article)