Go Dirty and Go Heavy

You have to give respect to the Democrats, assuredly a merry band of pugilistic progressives. They know how to fight, and they are not afraid to get dirty. It is a lesson Republicans need to learn and an example they need to emulate.  There are rules in life, universal rules that hold true the world over -- or at the very least, should. Most of modern civilization abhors violence against women and children, as well as cheating, stealing and murder and all those other things on those stone tablets Moses brought down from the mount. Politics, however, is not life. In politics, the only thing that matters is winning. Republicans will need to win in order for America to have half a chance of preventing what remains of this glorious nation from sliding down Barry’s toilet of hope and change. In the Presidential Debates of 2012, Mitt Romney had Obama on the ropes, unmasking him as the moron some of us have long maintained him to be.  Yet, he did...(Read Full Article)