Putin and the Dogs of War

The dogs of war were howling at the moon in Vladimir Putin’s Russia last week. You could hear them all the way in California.  And they sounded for all the world just like nuclear bombers. General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle broke the news: “They've come with their long-range aviation off the coast of California, they circumnavigated Guam,” he said, showing a picture of a U.S. F-15 fighter “intercepting” a Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bomber off the Pacific island.  The United States does not buzz Russian shores with nuclear bombers, forcing Russian fighters to scramble to ward them off, at any time and certainly does not do so at a time of heightened international tensions such as those taking place now in Ukraine. Yet Russia does not hesitate to take such wantonly provocative acts, heedless of the potential consequences. And Russia isn’t limiting itself to threatening Americans directly; it’s also...(Read Full Article)