Corporate Money in Politics: Who's Complaining?

It has been the Democrats’ pitch to the uninformed that they -- the recipients of millions of dollars worth of free puffery and support from America’s almost uniformly left-wing press, unions and big foundations, academic and fat cat dollars -- want to keep corporate money out of politics. In fact, the record of this administration and the Democrats in Wisconsin show what they really mean is they want to keep their opponents broke and unable to advance their political message. In Reason, Elizabeth Nolan Brown informs readers who might have missed it that the democrats are rolling in corporate funds: Over at Vice, Lee Fang, an investigative fellow with The Nation Institute, looks at some of the "dark money"  flowing around Democratic political circles. Turns out some secret sources of Democrat campaign funding are the very mega-companies many progressives rail against, especially when they're donating to Republican...(Read Full Article)