American academia and echoes of the Third Reich

American academia and echoes of the Third Reich Considering the furrow-browed uproar raised by campus radicals over the course of the past month, one might have guessed that several university presidents had invited Joseph Goebbels to impart his wisdom by giving a commencement address. In which case, those who objected to the invitations of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice, Charles Murray and others to appear as commencement orators or speakers at American universities, suffer from an acute case of historical dyslexia. Reflect on the following case, which involved a prominent academic and globally famous professor who was denied a promotion because a few radicals disapproved of his political beliefs. Initially they failed, and the appointment appeared to go through. Unfazed by a temporary setback, his opponents enlisted the aid of a powerful union to block his selection. The result? Victory! The appointment of the professor in question was denied and the extremists won. Who were...(Read Full Article)