African-Americans: Boko Haram just Enslaved Africa's Children -- Again

Slavery can be some sadistic thug standing over you, wielding a whip. Or it can be a slick con artist selling you crystal meth. Both of them are after your freedom, your body, your soul. They want you to be their slave. Boko Haram and its ilk have been enslaving black people in Africa since the rise of Islam in the 7th century. Ancient Islam arose from a desert raider culture, which considered slaves taken in war to be legal. But long before Islam human beings enslaved each other, sometimes as individuals, and sometimes en masse. In the case of Boko Haram (meaning “books are forbidden”), they just stole 276 young Nigerian girls from their parents, right in front of the world media, citing Islam as their warrant -- and nobody in the world dared so say anything about the long history of Arab slave-stealing in Africa. The world censored its conscience. Child-stealing is an unforgiveable human evil, and it is not new. What is new and shocking today is how the living...(Read Full Article)