African-Americans: Boko Haram just Enslaved Africa's Children -- Again

Slavery can be some sadistic thug standing over you, wielding a whip. Or it can be a slick con artist selling you crystal meth. Both of them are after your freedom, your body, your soul. They want you to be their slave.

Boko Haram and its ilk have been enslaving black people in Africa since the rise of Islam in the 7th century. Ancient Islam arose from a desert raider culture, which considered slaves taken in war to be legal. But long before Islam human beings enslaved each other, sometimes as individuals, and sometimes en masse.

In the case of Boko Haram (meaning “books are forbidden”), they just stole 276 young Nigerian girls from their parents, right in front of the world media, citing Islam as their warrant -- and nobody in the world dared so say anything about the long history of Arab slave-stealing in Africa. The world censored its conscience.

Child-stealing is an unforgiveable human evil, and it is not new. What is new and shocking today is how the living descendants of African slaves in America no longer know their own history well enough to realize that we have just seen the story of their ancestors in the middle of 2014 -- not 1650. The Atlantic slave trade started when Muslim slavers stole Africans from their tribes and families to ship them across the sea under inconceivably cruel and dehumanized conditions.

Today, Africans in Nigeria are being victimized by the identical culture of slavery that supplied the Atlantic slave trade for four centuries. Muslim fundamentalists like Iran and Saudi Arabia have never renounced slave-taking in war, massive rape of women and children as a weapon of war, and massive decapitation of enemies if they do not convert to Islam. Muslim fundamentalism today is exactly what it was in 1600. Look at the Sudanese genocides if you doubt it.

When black and white children were decapitated by Al Qaeda in the Nairobi Western Mall a few months ago, this administration ignored the whole thing -- even though Obama’s celebrated father was Kenyan. Even when cellphone pictures of dead children went viral on the web the administration said nothing. 

This time, Michelle Obama did manage to tweet a photo op about the 276 Nigerian girls stolen from their families. But it took worldwide outrage about Boko Haram for that gang of Islamofascist thugs to finally be labeled as a terrorist organization. “Terrorist?” Black genocide and slave-taking is what is really going on.

The fact is that President Barack Obama has tried to negotiate with Al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, and even Boko Haram, while African-Americans in this country said nothing. It now seems that  since the 1970s, Arab oil regimes have bought major political power in the African-American community. As a result, African-Americans seem to believe a false narrative of slavery that exempts the very culture that stole black men from Africa for the Atlantic slave trade. It is the culture of Boko Haram, which is Al Qaida, which is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Salafist and Wahhabi Islam.

I don’t believe that crimes against humanity are about race. They are about humanity and basic decency. Genocide, slavery, rape as a weapon of war are crimes against human beings, period. Color, race and religion are utterly irrelevant.

But since Martin Luther King, Jr., racial politics have been revived in this country, electing generations of Democrats, just as it elected generations of Dixiecrats before the Civil Rights movement. Blacks have allowed themselves to be persuaded that racial revenge is more important than crimes against humanity. The UN routinely condemns civilized Israel and protects genocidal regimes that are protected by vast amount of oil money. The UN has therefore become a militant instrument of evil.

The United States is ignoring genocides in Africa and the Sudan, to empower a small racialist political class in this country. We have totally lost track of the basic moral questions, and on that basic confusion, demagogues and street hustlers have built their careers. We say that “racism” is the trouble, as if reverse racism is any better. In Rwanda and Kosovo, human beings who look exactly like each other engaged in mass slaughter, because their enemies had a different name, or practiced a different religion. The crime is mass killing, not calling people nasty names. America is being totally suckered by media slicksters who think the real danger is calling people nasty names. This is so contemptible and stupid that it’s not even worth talking about.

That cognitive twist has now been repeated so often that we now confuse using a bad name with doing a bad deed. We live in an age of fear, with regular McCarthyite witchhunts to keep 300 million people intimidated. The media crack the whip over scapegoated individuals, and the rest of us grovel in fear.

As a result, we have a black president who can’t tell the difference between overtly genocidal ideologies like Iran’s, and civilized nations like Israel. Obama’s Third World Socialism claims that the real “wretched of the earth” today are not the oppressed industrial worker of Karl Marx, but simply people with darker skin colors. The outstanding economic performance of India and China should falsify that kind of reverse racism, but mere facts have no standing in the cult delusions of the left.

So we see the less-than-sane paradox of ancient Islamist slave-takers stealing, raping, and selling 276 African girls in Nigeria, and our first black president has no way of pointing the finger to the only world religion today that (in its radical version) still celebrates total war against infidels and slave-stealing in Africa. Mr. Obama cannot call evil by its name, even 13 years after 9/11/01.

This profound failure of elementary moral thinking has infected our whole political and media class, which should simply be fired. None of them deserve to occupy places of power in a decent nation.

Bottom line, racial name-calling is bad; but slave-stealing, genocide, and rape as a weapon of war are unqualified evils. Our politicized media have worked for two generations to obfuscate the difference. It is a simple matter of mental hygiene not to fall for the scam.

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