A Reminder to Europe's Jewish Community -- Leave Now

A lot happened in Europe over the (United States celebrated) Memorial Day weekend. But none of it was good for the Jews.  On Saturday there was a shooting that killed four at a Brussels Jewish museum. Soon after, two Orthodox Jews were severely beaten in Paris. For those who don’t know, Belgium and France are hotbeds of anti-Semitism. At the same time, the elections to the European Union parliament were held, and the anti-EU parties, many of whom are also anti-Semitic, saw a huge surge in their vote. For example, thanks to this election, the European Parliament is set to seat its first fully-fledged neo-Nazis members, from Germany and Greece. Also, parties which have been dominated by or made up of anti-Semites in the past or present, like the French National Front, the Italian 5-Star Movement of former comic Beppe Grillo, and the Freedom Party of Austria, have all had strong showings. All of this was easily predictable. In fact, I predicted a rise in...(Read Full Article)