Ripoff Tech

Renewable energy is the latest scheme politicians and special interests have devised for extracting money from the public to enrich themselves and their supporters. The renewable energy mafia consists of opportunistic investors, ideological crackpots (e.g. the Sierra Club), utilities that don’t care how inefficient their generation is as long as they can pass on the cost to the public, global warming scientists, and politicians that count on the renewable-energy mafia for money and support. All this is possible because renewable energy has a positive image thanks to the people who should be defending the public but are either corrupted or don’t understand what is going on. The financial scale is immense. In California electricity sales were $35 billion in 2012. The average retail price of electricity in California is around 14 cents per kilowatt-hour. This compares to about 8 cents in states that have not found the renewable energy religion. The differential gives the...(Read Full Article)