Pablo Kleinman -- A New Kind of Republican

Pablo Kleinman is a straight shooter who has a lot to offer the residents of California’s 30th District. His constituents include legal immigrants, those of the Jewish faith, with a small base of Hispanics from the middle class. He is running as a Republican, not as an Independent. American Thinker interviewed Mr. Kleinman about his chances against the Democratic incumbent Brad Sherman and his stand on some of the issues. American Thinker:  Why didn’t you run as an Independent? Don’t you think your chances would be better? Pablo Kleinman:  If I do get elected I would have to caucus with one of the two parties and I want to be upfront and sincere.  I also hope to change how those in my district feel about Republicans.  I think many of those in my district are frustrated like myself, so why not make a change?  Brad Sherman’s voting record is almost 100% party line.  Is he even listening to his constituents? We should be as...(Read Full Article)