Kneecapping Reform in Texas

The fate of embattled University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall (appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in February 2011) now rests in the hands of the same partisan hacks in the Travis County District Attorney’s Office who railroaded former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on trumped-up “money laundering” charges in 2010 before the bogus conviction was ultimately thrown out on appeal several years later. On April 11, a state legislative committee charged with investigating whether grounds exist to impeach Hall “referred” to the Austin-based prosecutors a 174-page “investigative report” (really a one-sided advocacy brief)  prepared by the committee’s supposedly-neutral outside counsel, Rusty Hardin, to determine whether Hall should face criminal charges by the district attorney’s notoriously overzealous Public Integrity Unit. A spokesman for the D.A. indicated that it would take “about a week” to determine whether...(Read Full Article)