If Only the Duke Were Leading the GOP

Folks, I have had it with political gurus' advised metrosexual approach to dealing with the cold, callous politicking spewing out of the Democratic Party. These vile people consider undermining the best interest of the American people and sacrificing American lives mere collateral damage in the implementation of their socialist/progressive agenda (fundamental transformation of America). While they aggressively attack values, institutions, and traditions held dear by a majority of Americans, Democrats, with MSM support, portray themselves as victims of right-wing extremism and aggression. With impunity, Democrats relentlessly throw lies and every despicable dirty trick under the sun at us (conservatives/Republicans). And yet we are vehemently cautioned by experts on both sides of the political aisle to be nice, abandon commonsense solutions, relax our morals and principles, guard our words, and be extremely careful not to offend – less we be called mean-spirited,...(Read Full Article)