Hester Koch's Scarlet Letter

We all remember the good old days when playwright Arthur Miller told us that salesmen were really dying inside, and that neo-Puritans were hunting Commies just like Puritans hunted witches in Salem, Massachusetts Bay. And naturally in those good old days PBS gave us a richly ornamented TV adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter.  Poor Hester Prynne!  What young woman anywhere could withstand the creepy advances of the local New England Presbyterian or Congregationalist patriarchy? Hester Prynne succumbed to temptation when her sea-captain husband was away, perhaps lost at sea.  Who amongst us girls would not have fallen a little in love with the local worthy that ministered to us the love of Jesus Christ while hubby was away? Nothing has changed.  Who amongst us have not spoken a careless word about race?  For that we must be put in the stocks and shamed forever with a scarlet “R”?  Who is there who has not muttered...(Read Full Article)