EPA Studies and Preordained Conclusions

With great fanfare the Environmental Protection Agency announced January that their “assessment” of potential mining impacts on salmon ecosystems of Bristol Bay, Alaska had discovered unacceptable risks to salmon and their habitat (various drainages in the region).  The agency stated that they would be proceeding to take action under the Clean Water Act to pre-emptively halt action on the Pebble Mine project before permitting begins on the proposed copper, gold, and molybdenum extraction project.  Essentially, they studied three mine scenarios, none of which would be able to be permitted under either the state of federal systems and found them unacceptable.  No surprise, that.   The study was greeted with great joy and celebration by the anti-mining groups.  It was not so well received by the rest of us here in Alaska, as it marks yet another encroachment of federal oversight into a mining district on state lands that was designated as...(Read Full Article)