Did Barack Obama Sr. visit Hawaii in 1971?

“Your father’s coming to see you,” Ann Dunham told her ten-year-old son Barack Obama, Jr. before a month-long Obama Sr. Christmas visit in 1971, as narrated in Dreams from My Father.  Obama Sr.'s Hawaii visit, reportedly part of a "recuperation" after a "bad car accident" in Kenya, included "drives" around "the island," "short walks past" "the remodeled hospital where [Barack Jr.] had been born," and "a talk" to Barack Jr.'s fifth-grade class about "wild animals" that "roamed the plains" of Kenya.  And, most importantly, Obama Sr.'s Hawaii visit gave credence that Obama Sr. was, in fact, Barack Jr.'s father. But was Obama Sr.'s 1971 Hawaii visit, as narrated in Dreams, a hoax?  To begin with, Dreams specifically states that the "only" pictures of Barack Jr.'s "father's" Christmas visit were "ones" where...(Read Full Article)