Common Sense and Climate Change

Scientists believe that over the last two billion years or so, there have been as many as seventeen times that Earth has experienced an Ice Age.  They suspect an Ice Age when they see shifts in geological formations that are so severe that the only explanation appears to be glaciers forming and moving large quantities of land from one part of the continent to another part. Each Ice Age is estimated to have lasted for at least 100,000 years, with some lasting millions of years.  Each was eventually followed by a period of gradual warming, resulting in the glaciers melting and retreating, and leaving behind the land that the glaciers had moved or carved.  Contrary to anything being reported in the mainstream media, we are currently living in an Ice Age. Man did not inhabit the planet during any of the Ice Ages, except the last one.  For those Ice Ages that took place prior to man, the only inhabitants of the planet were animals and plants.  They were also...(Read Full Article)