Antonio Gramsci: Take over the Institutions!

One fundamental question motivated Antonio Gramsci throughout his life: Why had it proven so difficult for Marxists to promote revolution in Western Europe and America? The answer to that question is simple: the majority of European and American workers didn't believe a word of what the Marxists had to say and neither did they want what they had to offer. Quite simply, workers didn't want to be spoon-fed and led by a tiny elite (or a “revolutionary vanguard”) or very privileged Marxists/Leftists into a giant Gulag like the Soviet Union. So what were Marxists like Gramsci going to do about that terrible non-revolutionary situation? Simple: they were to “take over the institutions” and bring about “cultural Marxism” (the Frankfurt School's own term) from the top. In other words, Gramsci offered his own version of what the equally totalitarian -- at least at that time -- Fabians had already done (from the 1900 onwards) in the...(Read Full Article)