America Altered

There has been a sweeping transformation in America ongoing since 1960. That transformation is happening demographically, the trajectory of which is set to replace the proto-historical European-American civilization with something else, a polyglot amalgam heavily drawing on sources beyond the developed world. In place of the historical pattern of assimilation into the distinctive American legacy culture and political system, triumphant multicultural doctrine is producing a political and social order found in many third world countries. When this comes to pass, America will account for the quickest and hardest fall of any Great Power in all of the world’s history. Its tombstone shall read: Gone. A once great people no more. Dead because they murdered their country.  Within any multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual gathering masses of humanity, there are bound to be various subcultures. This is a result of non-assimilation, a meta-revolution against the historical...(Read Full Article)