Wikipedia on Global Warming

It may seem a little misplaced to concentrate on two Wikipedia articles when it comes to something as substantive as the anthropogenic global warming theory (henceforth: AGWT or AGW). For a start, some people don't place much faith in any Wikipedia pieces. Nonetheless, it's quite possible that more people have gained knowledge about the AGWT from these articles than from any other sources. (One of the articles was viewed 1052332 times in only 30 days.) After all, it's often the case that Wiki is the first port of call for many of us. In addition, these two articles are seemingly very scientific in nature and chockablock with references and statistics. One of the articles is also of considerable length: 7552 words to be exact; along with -- believe it or not -- 71130 words (that's over seventy-one thousand) of references, etc. (There's a Conservapedia article called 'Anthropogenic global warming theory' which is very short -- a mere 455 words -- and quite...(Read Full Article)