Why Hillary Will Flop

Beltway folk hold silly notions.  Hillary is deemed formidable, and Republicans should hope she does not win the Democrat nomination in 2016.  I disagree.  Hillary is a weak candidate for president, and if she is nominated, she will lose the general election. Consider four aspects of a Hillary candidacy in the general election: (1) foreign policy, (2) domestic policy, (3) candidate appeal. The sole executive experience of Hillary in her life has been as Obama’s secretary of state.  During those years, she did nothing but leave a dreadful legacy for America.  In 2016, it is certain that American foreign policy will be seen almost universally as a huge failure: Russian aggression in Ukraine, Syrian civil war, Iranian nuclear weapons, rogue and dangerous North Korea, Benghazi and the cover-up of that scandal, unstable Egypt, lost victories in Afghanistan and Iraq, the looming calamity of European national sovereign debt defaults…and so...(Read Full Article)