When Presidents Stand Firm

Leadership comes in many forms and with many levels of risk, but history gives us a few moments when leaders stood alone and were proven right.  Can you think of a time a US president stood alone on a policy issue, even against his own supporters, and America came out ahead because of his stubborn leadership? Luckily, there are few such cases.  Our layered government bureaucracy, albeit frustrating at times, protects us from these desperate and extreme situations.  But there are moments when an adversary’s decision, or a new innovation, converge with a great man. Two such intersections come to mind. I just finished reading Richard Reeves’ 2010 book, Daring Young Men.  Reeves tells an exciting and comprehensive story about the Berlin Airlift.  Read this book and you’ll learn the many challenges at every level of the government from Truman, to the coordination of air corridors between the UK and US, to the pilots, to the air-traffic...(Read Full Article)