When Barack Obama Stands Firm

In times past, both Presidents Truman and Reagan took principled stands that resulted in global stability and lives saved.  Specificlally, two determined anti-communist presidents confronted the Soviet Union in such an aggressive manner that it disturbed even their closest advisors.  The Berlin Airlift looked impossible in 1948, as did the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in 1983.  Nearly everybody – opponents, advisors, the media and the public – thought these policies were beyond the nation’s capabilities.  And they were proved wrong. Communism is still a threat, but we are between epochs of expanding communist empires.  The largest communist country today is a regional military power at best, serving more as a vacation destination for the first family than a reason for duck and cover practice in American classrooms.  Can a political leader today, in the absence of an aggressive external threat, make a grand, independent stand as...(Read Full Article)