Uproar at Russia Today

Russia’s invasion of Crimea in Ukraine has had the effect of unmasking the Putin dictatorship before the eyes of the world, and perhaps the institution most breathtakingly exposed has been Putin’s propaganda TV network Russia Today. In the immediate aftermath of the invasion, something really stunning happened. Not one but two American female on-air journalists employed by Russia Today fought back against the naked act of Russian aggression they were witnessing. One, Liz Wahl, actually resigned during her broadcast in protest, saying she could not continue to work for a state-owned entity, while the other, Abby Martin, declared her open opposition to the Kremlin’s actions during her broadcast. But what happened next was even more amazing. Russia Today’s editor in chief Margarita Simonyan published a post on her Live Journal blog in both English and Russian in which she cast aside any pretext of journalistic objectivity and openly declared herself a...(Read Full Article)