Tim Stanley and National Socialism

On the 26th of February the Telegraph (Britain's oldest and most renowned national newspaper) published an article by the columnist Tim Stanley. The piece is called 'Hitler wasn't a socialist. Stop saying he was'. Tim Stanley certainly isn't one of the better Telegraph journalists; though he may be one of the youngest. Quite simply, Stanley appears to have only consulted analyses of both socialism and Hitler which were written by Marxists. Whether or not all these historians and theorists are self-described "Marxists" is more or less irrelevant; as is the question as to whether or not Stanley knew that they were Marxist analyses. Many British people have been bred on various Marxist historical and theoretical analyses of “Adolf Hitler and the rise of the Nazis”. Indeed some of the UK's best-known historians and theorists were Marxists (e.g., Eric Hobsbawm , E. P. Thompson, Christopher Hill, Perry Anderson, Edward Arthur Thompson, and...(Read Full Article)