The Russian Bear Roars

There’s an old Jewish saying: “A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep trouble.”  President Barack Obama and his foreign policy advisers would have profited if they had been aware of this.  Instead, the president went ahead with a 90-minute phone conversation on March 1, 2014 with President Vladimir Putin of Russia about the situation in Ukraine.  Already, events had rapidly escalated with the Russian invasion of Crimea, supposedly because the regional Crimean government had asked for Russian military assistance to restore order in the area. Obama expressed “his deep concern” over Russian actions, which he held were a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity and thus a breach of international law.  He had in an earlier press conference similarly expressed that clear concern.  He also said there will be a price to be paid for Russian military intervention in Ukraine.  It was not...(Read Full Article)