The Enigmatic 'Russian Soul'

What makes the Russian national character so special? Is it really true that they are different from the other people? The answer is… yes, definitely. Born In The USSR Ranked at number 155 according to the Global Peace Index, Russia is one of the most dangerous countries in the whole world. It is notorious as the lawless land, where people are assassinated every 18 minutes, averaging 84 murders per day in a nation of 143 million. The other side of the coin is a high level of suicide. The Serbsky State Research Center in Moscow announced that Russia had reached second place in the world in suicide rates, behind only Lithuania. In the years between 1993 and 2013, about a million Russians killed themselves. Furthermore, another million die each year from alcohol- and smoking-related causes. Russian men have an average life expectancy of just 60 years -- one of the lowest in Europe. A full quarter of them die before their 55th birthday. It seems like the whole...(Read Full Article)