The Coming Paradigm Shift on Climate

The just-published NIPCC reports may lead to a paradigm shift about what or who causes current climate changes.  All the evidence suggests that Nature rules the climate – not Man. Watch for it: We may be on the threshold of a tipping point in climate history.  No, I’m not talking about a tipping point in the sense that the Earth will be covered with ice or become hellishly hot.  I’m talking about a tipping point in our views of what controls the climate -- whether it’s mainly humans or whether it’s mainly natural.  It makes an enormous difference in climate policy: Do we try to mitigate, at huge cost, or do we merely adapt to natural changes -- as our ancestors did for many millennia? Such tipping points occur quite frequently in science.  I have personally witnessed two paradigm shifts where world scientific opinion changed rapidly -- almost overnight.  One was in Cosmology, where the “Steady State” theory...(Read Full Article)