Smearing Climate Skeptics

As even die-hard enthusiasts for the global warming scare campaign begin to admit that they are losing the battle to keep the public alarmed, it is time to examine how this doomsday movement has been sustained for two decades. A 2/28 Wall Street Journal piece by Holman W. Jenkins Jr ("Jenkins: Personal Score-Settling Is the New Climate Agenda"), started out with a great recitation of efforts to silence and marginalize critics of man-caused global warming, describing them "indications of a political movement turned to defending its self-image as its cause goes down the drain."  Much like other recent articles analyzing the impending death of the global warming crisis, Jenkins fails to ask a simple question: what kept the whole so-called global warming crisis from circling the drain for the last two decades? The “crisis” was arguably dead on arrival from the early 1990s when skeptical climate scientists offered science-based criticisms that...(Read Full Article)