Setting up Israel

In a recent article, Jonathan Tobin stated, “If the president were genuinely interested in pursuing peace he would be hammering the Palestinians for their behavior and making it clear they would pay a high price for saying no to Kerry’s framework. Instead, he has given Abbas carte blanche to maintain the same obdurate stance he has taken since he took over the PA from his longtime boss Arafat….. All Obama is doing is setting up Israel to take the fall for a fourth Palestinian ‘no’ to peace.” An informed reader can see the point Tobin is making.  Abbas is spoken to and spoken about by Obama and Kerry as though he has good intentions towards peace despite his continuous unwavering objections and lack of giving back to Israel in negotiations.  Obama will never rebuke him nor threaten him as he has done many times with Israel.  He and Kerry cajole and coddle Abbas as though he were a sometimes recalcitrant but basically well-meaning...(Read Full Article)